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An Off-Duty Cop With a Gun Proves Why It's a Horrible Idea to Stab Someone Across the Street From the Police Headquarters


"...without any motive, without any notice whatsoever."

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If there's one place that you definitely shouldn't lose it and start stabbing someone, it's in front of the police headquarters of a major city. One suspect in Dallas found that out the hard way on Friday.

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It all started when two employees of a trucking business saw a man acting suspiciously within a fenced-in area near the property. When they attempted to escort him away, Lt. Max Geron -- a spokesman with the Dallas police -- said he pulled out a knife and started repeatedly stabbing one of the employees.

One of the employees, a woman, began screaming for help and yelling for someone to call 911. That's when Sgt. Jackie Moore stepped in.

Moore, a 15-year veteran of the force, was parking her car nearby. And while she was off-duty, she had her gun with her. She confronted the attacker, ordering him to drop his weapon, she said. He didn't. Instead, he started coming toward her. That's when she pulled the trigger, killing him.

Sgt. Jackie Moore (Source: WFAA-TV) Sgt. Jackie Moore (Source: WFAA-TV)

Major Jeff Cotner said witness described the attack came "without any motive, without any notice whatsoever."

WFAA-TV said in a TV report that the attacker was possibly an ex-military, homeless man who frequented the area:

The victim was transported to a  local hospital, and early reports are that he may have a spinal cord injury but was awake and talking. Cotner said he is "optimistic" about the victim's recovery.

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