Hidden Camera Set Up by Country Music Star Caught One Crook Doing Something on Video He Didn’t Want Anyone to See

Oliver Darcy

Bluegrass music star Rhonda Vincent employed a hidden camera and a few other covert tactics to catch a crook who had allegedly been stealing money from her RV’s safe.

Vincent told WSMV-TV that she first noticed the thefts begin in 2013, but observed that they seemed to stop while she was on tour. She concluded that they were happening while her bus was parked at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in Tennessee and decided to setup a hidden camera inside an alarm clock.

“We had a live camera feed and a video feed,” she said.

In addition, Vincent dusted $6,000 in cash with a special powder before placing it in her safe.

“So if you touched this money, you would have a residue on your hands for 30 days,” Vincent told WSMV.

[sharequote align=”center”]”…if you touched this money, you would have a residue on your hands for 30 days.”[/sharequote]

While anxiously watching the live feed, the video abruptly went out. Vincent made the decision to hurry to the bus, but first disguised herself.

“I grabbed a T-shirt. I grabbed a wig, sunglasses and a fake cigarette,” she said.

When the music star arrived at her bus, the cash was gone and the alarm clock had been turned face down — but while the crook thought he had eliminated any evidence of the act, he didn’t realize that the recorded video had been saved on the hidden camera.

In the video, a man identified as Adam Parker can be seen walking through the bus, heading to the safe and entering the code, before stuffing his pants full of cash. Vincent later realized the code to her safe had been hidden in the bed sheets. Parker was the man who had been hired to clean the bus.

“This guy had been going through our bus, pilfering through all our stuff,” she told WSMV.

A hidden camera caught a man stealing money from a country music star. (Image source: WSMV-TV)

Now, Vincent is curious to know whether any other vehicles were robbed. Surveillance video of the park shows Parker entering other vehicles and Vincent says a Hemphill employee told her that Tim McGraw had money stolen from him.

Hemphill Brothers later said Vincent’s case was an “isolated incident,” adding that they had fired the man responsible immediately.

When WSMV reached Parker by phone, Parker denied that there were any other victims involved and said, “People make mistakes, man.”

McGraw’s spokesperson told WSMV that they didn’t have anything to add to their story.

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