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What a Good Samaritan Did After Discovering Letters Distraught Kids Wrote to Their Deceased Mom Will Inspire You


"...we would still be here worrying about how to save up money to bury my mom the right way."

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Distraught children wrote letters to their deceased mother over the weekend, attaching the messages to helium balloons and subsequently releasing them. But while they hoped the cathartic act would merely help them grieve, it turns out a good Samaritan discovered the notes and decided to help the family in a big way.

Renee Finney's three children, all 25 years of age and younger, didn't have the money to cover the nearly $10,000 cost of their mother's funeral, as she didn't have life insurance.

So they worked diligently this month to raise the funds. From bake sales to donation boxes, they brought in $2,000 -- nowhere near the money needed the pay the massive expense, according to the Huffington Post.

On Mother's Day, despite not making their financial goal, the grief-stricken family decided to pay tribute to their mother by attaching the heart-felt letters to balloons in an effort to tell their mom, who died May 5, how much they love her.

What they likely didn't expect, though, was such a massive outpouring of support after Yvette Melton, 55, a resident of Murrieta, California, discovered the letters. She was so moved that she ended up taking action to help the family pay for the funeral.

"I felt intrusive by reading the messages in the first place but felt I had to," she told the Huffington Post . "Once I did there was no way that I was not going to find this family and help out."

Image source: Huffington Post/ One of the letters the children sent out. (Image source: Huffington Post)

She turned to the Internet, found Finney's obituary, called the funeral home and reached out to the family. Melton also told her employer about the tragedy and he helped raise an additional $2,000.

Melton is continuing to raise money for the family and Finney's three children are overjoyed.

"At first I thought they were really dumb, like she's not going to get them," Davion, Finney's 18-year-old daughter told KGTV-TV. "But if we didn't put the balloons outside ... we would still be here worrying about how to save up money to bury my mom the right way."

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