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So how did the CIA get its new Twitter handle?


A Central Intelligence Agency spokesperson on Friday told TheBlaze that the CIA got its new Twitter handle after taking it away from someone who was using it to impersonate the agency.

The CIA announced it has both a new Twitter account and Facebook page, and that it will use these social media outlets to share "important insights." CIA Director John Brennan said that among other things, the CIA wants to be able to ensure that unclassified information is available to interested readers.

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The CIA's new Twitter handle is @CIA, and agency spokesperson Kali Caldwell said that name became available after the CIA asked Twitter to close the account of an imposter.

"There was someone out there impersonating CIA via Twitter," Caldwell said. "Earlier this year, CIA filed an impersonation complaint with Twitter and they secured the @CIA account for us, which is routine for government agencies."

The CIA already has a YouTube and a Flickr account, in addition to its new Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"By expanding to these platforms, CIA will be able to more directly engage with the public and provide information on CIA's mission, history, and other developments," Brennan said.

But when asked by TheBlaze how much money and how many people the agency was devoting to these social media portals, the CIA said it can't comment.

So far, the CIA hasn't said much more on its new accounts. The CIA's Facebook page has a note honoring Americans who served on D-Day, 70 years ago.

And as of Friday afternoon, the CIA had more than 117,000 followers, but just one tweet:

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