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The Astonishing Thing a National Guardsman Did to Free a Man Trapped Inside a Fiery Vehicle


"I don’t know how I did it. I truly don’t."

A Minnesota Air National Guardsman is being hailed a hero after he noticed a car engulfed in flames and acted quickly, bending the door in half with his bare hands to free an individual trapped inside.

It all unfolded when Robert Renning, 52, was driving down Interstate 35W in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sunday and noticed flamed raging underneath another vehicle.

After waving down Michael Johannes — the driver — both men pulled over. But when Johannes tried to get out of his car, the doors automatically locked, trapping him inside.

And that's when Renning realized that he had to act quickly.

"The flames were starting to kick out around the bottom a little bit. Starting to smoke," Remming told WCCO-TV. "The interior of the car was completely filled in smoke. You couldn’t see who or what was inside."

So, he ran up to the car and — according to authorities — somehow pried his fingers around the door and bent it in half, freeing Johannes.

"I grabbed the top of the door frame and pulled until the glass shattered," Renning told the outlet. "It had to have been adrenaline. I don’t know how I did it. I truly don’t."

While everyone is dubbing him a hero, the National Guardsman said he simply did what had to be done.

Renning and Johannes walked away relatively unscathed, with Johannes repeatedly expressing his thanks.


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