New to The Marketplace by TheBlaze: American-Made Craftsmen, Butchers, Genealogists

Ted Tuttle

Please join us in welcoming our newest additions to The Marketplace by TheBlaze ― the finest collection of American small businesses. Learn their struggles, celebrate their triumphs and share in their dreams.

Bear Paw Creek

Stretchy Bands, $24.00
Photo courtesy Bear Paw Creek

While brainstorming ways to earn an income from home as a young mom, Janet Stephens found out about the need for movement props, bags and totes in the field of music therapy. Having learned to sew from her mother, Janet decided to use her skills to start a business, providing equipment for therapists, educators and parents. Janet is proud to say all of her products are made in America and that her growing business is now providing jobs for Americans.

Cathedral Wood Shop

U.S. Constitution framed print, $185.00
Photo courtesy Cathedral Wood Shop

Charles Roeper has worked with his hands for as long as he can remember. From painting and wallpapering houses to picture-framing and refinishing heirloom furniture, Charles has been a craftsman by trade for years. Today, Charles handcrafts beautiful hardwood framed parchment prints featuring historical documents related to the U.S. Constitution. Ensuring all the materials he uses are made in America, Charles hopes his products will remind Americans about the source of the liberty they enjoy.

Kids Heritage

“ABCs Around the World” book, $18.95
Photo courtesy Kids Heritage

As a child, Deanna Bufo Novak would ask her great-grandfather what he used to do when he lived in Italy, what it was like coming to America, and why the whole family ate macaroni every Sunday. Deanna adored his broken-English answers and her love for heritage began. She started Kids Heritage as a way to introduce children to their own heritages through culturally enriching, educational, unique keepsake books and products, nearly all of which are made in America.

Croghan Meat Market

8-Year-Old Extremely Sharp Cheddar, $18.98
Photo courtesy Croghan Meat Market

The Croghan Meat Market was started by Fred Hunziker, a Swiss immigrant who later sold the business to the Campany family, who have been making delicious cheese and sausage ever since. With every generation, the Campanys have started working in the business from a young age, and then dabbled in other hobbies and pursuits before eventually each returning back to the family business. The Campanys are proud to be good at their trade just like their grandfathers before them.

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