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The Possible Back-to-School Initiation That Texas Community Members Are Calling ‘Disturbing’: ‘That’s Not Kids Being Kids’


"...you don’t know what their intentions are."

Home and business owners in Fort Worth, Texas are worried that a back-to-school initiation may be responsible for a recent spree of vandalism sprouting up in the neighborhood.

According to KTXA-TV, a surveillance camera captured three young men vandalizing a home earlier this week. Fort Worth police confirmed to the CBS affiliate that they've received several similar reports recently.

“It’s kind of disturbing because you feel violated when people come onto your property in the middle of the night. And you don’t know what their intentions are,” victim Ming Nghi said.

[sharequote align="center"]“It’s kind of disturbing because you feel violated..."[/sharequote]

In Nghi's neighborhood alone cars have been egged, a door bashed in and flags stolen from porches this week, KTXA reported. Neighbors told the media outlet that they suspect it could be connected to a back-to-school initiation.

“We have dogs. If they get out, someone might be bitten,” Nghi said. “A hyper vigilant neighbor who has guns might, they might use their firearms.”

Police are also investigating a report of vandalism from a restaurant.

“Disrespected, yes. Kinda a little upset, yes,” Avoca Coffee Manager Garold LaRue told KTXA. “Doing harm to other people’s property is different. Completely different. And that’s not kids being kids.”

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