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Boy Reportedly Asked to Leave School Because of His Gigantic, Deformed Hands


"The teacher says other kids are scared of my hands."

Image: Twitter.com

An 8-year old Indian boy's hands have grown so large that he cannot perform most simple tasks. And now the problem is reportedly forcing the child to leave school because his condition has created a distraction.

Young Mohammad Kaleem's story is going viral on the web and on social media:

In the Daily Mail story, Kaleem talks about being asked to leave school by his teacher.

"I do not go to school because the teacher says other kids are scared of my hands," he reportedly said.

Just how big are the 8-year old's hands? They measure more than a foot long and each weighs over 17 pounds.

In the Daily Mail video, the boy and his family visit a doctor for the very first time.  His condition seems to be baffling to the staff at the clinic, but one doctor mentioned "acromegaly" as a possible cause for the growth.

The Mayo Clinic's website defines acromegaly as a "hormonal disorder" that typically affects middle-aged adults. In children, the condition is called "gigantism."

Watch the video from The Daily Mail.

(H/T: Daily Mail)


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