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Mom Furious After What School Cafeteria Admits to Doing to Her Diabetic Daughter at Lunch


"We never serve food that has been placed in..."

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Wednesday was only the second day of the new school year, but for diabetic student at the Pleasant Grove Middle School in Utah, it may have been her last after she's so embarrassed about what happened to her at lunch she's not sure if she wants to return.

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Sierra Prince, in 8th grade, is diabetic and also struggles with learning disabilities. On Wednesday, the young lady arrived in the school cafeteria at the end of the lunch hour and wanted a slice of pizza. According to the school, she had also been "dosed" with insulin in order to have a slice of pizza. She requested the pizza and got a slice. But it's where that slice came from: Cafeteria workers admit to taking a piece of the pizza out of the trash and giving it to the student.

Prince told a local television reporter that she did not want to eat the slice pulled from the trash, but was only doing what her school-appointed aide told her to do.

Sierra's mother, Nicole Cordoba, was not pleased and filed a complaint with the school district. The reaction was swift. The district fired off a letter condemning the actions of the cafeteria workers and the aide.

Image: Screen capture Fox13now.com Image: Screen capture Fox13now.com

According to the Alpine School District that oversees the Pleasant Grove school, at least one lunchroom employee has been placed on administrative leave and Sierra Prince's aide will be receiving additional training on how to handle situations like this is the future.

Watch the local television coverage.

Despite the suspension of the cafeteria worker, Sierra Prince is saying that she is too embarrassed to return to her school.

Image: Screen capture Fox13now.com Image: Screen capture Fox13now.com

Mother and daughter are talking with an attorney and school leaders to consider what additional action needs to be taken.

Watch the follow up report here.

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