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Homeowner Vet's Confrontation With Prowler Began at the Front Door — See How It Ended on the Front Lawn


"He said ‘I live here,’ and I said ‘ [you] definitely do not live here."

Image source: KIRO-TV

After finding some strange clothing and cigarette butts in his basement last week, Seattle homeowner Andrew Myers took a look at his home surveillance video and spotted a man breaking in — and spending the night.

Myers knew if the intruder could break in once, it could happen again. Sure enough, he spotted the same man on surveillance video Saturday night. But this time, Myers decided to confront the prowler.

“I said ‘what’s up?’ And he said ‘I live here,’ and I said ‘ [you] definitely do not live here,’" Myers recounted to KIRO-TV. "And he said ‘who are you?’ And I said ‘I definitely do live here, buddy."

Image source: KIRO-TV Image source: KIRO-TV

Myers said the man threw a poorly executed punch, and then it was on: surveillance video shows Myers beating the intruder on the ground on his front lawn while police were on their way.

But Myers, a veteran, didn't stop there. He set the video of himself beating up the intruder to music and shared it with friends.

“It’s been a running gag all week, with people waiting to see how this thing ends so I did put music to it,” he said.

Still, for Myers and his girlfriend, Megan Pierowicz, the situation could have ended very differently.

“He was moving around my house. It was so scary,” Pierowicz said. “He might have come upstairs where I was watching a movie and tried to hurt me or assault me."


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