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Islamic State Terrorists Appear to Have a New Deadly Weapon


"the number (of wounded) will increase and more injured will come"

Image source: Twitter/@Daudoo

Islamic State terrorists appear to have a new weapon with which to terrorize the world.

It's a 10-foot-long sniper rifle that shoots bullets three times the size of ordinary rifle bullets. The weapon is so big, it requires two tripods to support it, instead of just the shooter's arm. An Islamic State militant was photographed positioned behind the massive firearm inside the Syrian city of Kobane.

Image source: Twitter/@Daudoo Image source: Twitter/@Daudoo

The photo surfaced in a show of force from the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, during which a convoy of militants traveled through several villages in Syria they said they conquered.

In the Syrian city of Kobani, all but one hospital have been destroyed as a result of militant attacks.

"We know that the number [of wounded] will increase and more injured will come, so we have to be ready,' said Mohammed Aref, a doctor at the last remaining hospital. "The most important thing for us is having an operating room."

And even at that medical clinic, there are only three doctors and five nurses, who are often forced to work without electricity because of generator failures.

TheBlaze cannot independently verify the authenticity of the photo, which also ran in the Daily MailYahooInquisitr and Malaysia Chronicle  The Defense Department did not immediately return requests for comment.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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