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Disabled Elderly Man Scares Off Ski Mask-Wearing Crooks in a Way They Couldn't Have Anticipated — and He's Nowhere Near Done Fighting


"Let them come back. I'm no pushover."

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GASTONIA, N.C. (TheBlaze/AP) — A 68-year-old disabled man said he scared off two men in ski masks trying to break into his home.

Given that Joseph Sapienza needs a walker to get around, how do you imagine he pulled that off?

Image source: W Image source: WSOC-TV

Well, there's a holster mounted on his walker.

So when Sapienza was watching TV Thursday night and heard someone trying to pry open his front door, he told the Gaston Gazette that he grabbed his gun, put it in the walker holster and shuffled to the front door.

"I was gonna protect myself before they got in," he told WSOC-TV.

Image source: WSOC-TV Image source: WSOC-TV

Then he flipped on the light, yelled that he was armed and threw open the door. Sapienza said the crooks took off.

"They tried to kill each other getting off the front porch trying to run," he told WSOC.

For extra measure, he taped a note to his front door for those same individuals saying if they try to break into his house again, he'll be waiting: “To Whom It May Concern: I see you tried to break in, took my lock off my door," the note reads. "That’s okay, you try to break in my house again I will be waiting on you. Enter at your own risk."

Image source: WSOC-TV Image source: WSOC-TV

Sapienza told WSOC his home has been in his family since 1901, and he wants to continue living there without fear.

Image source: WSOC-TV Image source: WSOC-TV

Sapienza lives in the house with his son, but he wasn't there at the time of the attempted break-in.

"Let them come back," he told the station. "I'm no pushover."

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