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The Amazing Thing Wisc. Police Officers Did After Finding Two Men Trapped Beneath a Car


"Couldn't find a jack to lift the car."

Image via WTXF-TV

Wisconsin police officers performed a near-superhuman feat of strength after finding two men trapped beneath a vehicle on Saturday, according to WTXF-TV.

When they couldn't find a jack to lift the car, the police realized they had only one option: to lift the 3,400-pound Mitsubishi Galant themselves.

The entire incident was caught on dash-cam video.

Image via WTXF-TV Image via WTXF-TV

So how did the men end up trapped beneath the vehicle? That remains a mystery.

“All of the people that we talked to were quite intoxicated and we, at this point, are unable to make a determination as to how they got underneath the vehicle,” Captain Ben Bliven of the Wausau Police Department said.

One of the rescued men has minor injuries; the other suffered burns from the engine.

Watch the dash-cam video, below:

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