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Eerie 'Figure' Appeared on Security Footage Before the Lights Started Inexplicably Flickering Inside This High School — but There's a Simple Explanation That Isn't as Creepy As You'd Think


"It was incredibly windy that night."

Eerie security footage captured last month at a high school in Idaho purportedly shows a transparent "figure" emerging in a hallway as lights inside of the building seemingly — and inexplicably — flicker on and off. But a staff member at the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District told TheBlaze that this so-called "figure" isn't a ghost as many media outlets have reported.

Jeff Jolley, director of technology at the district, said that rather than a transparent ghoul, the image seen on viral video was actually a cobweb — a fact that was discovered by a security officer at Pocatello High School in Pocatello, Idaho, where the footage was recorded.

"The conclusions that people have drawn are not accurate," Jolley said. "The footage that is on YouTube is … a cobweb blowing back and forth."

The scene, which has caught the attention of paranormal investigators over the past few weeks, took place on December 19, while students and staff were out on winter break, KIDK-TV reported.

Multiple cameras showed lights inside the school flickering on and off and some claimed that a moving "figure" was captured on one of those cameras. Here's how KIDK-TV explains the supposed transparent figure: "The footage shows a dark, shadow-like figure of an adult up against the drinking fountain before it walks over to the bathroom, walks back out and down the hallway."

But, as Jolley said, it was apparently all the result of a cobweb.

As for the flickering lights, Jolley said that it was a very windy night and that he assumes the wind was the cause of the flickering lights, as the weather was apparently so bad that the school's alarm system went off and police responded to the scene.

"It was incredibly windy that night. I don't have a great explanation for why the lights were flickering on and off," he said. "It was extremely windy. The lights were flickering and it set off the alarm and the cops went in and responded to the alarm."

Watch the initial footage showing the "figure" — i.e. the cobweb — below:

And here's another clip:

These clips were posted on YouTube by the Chieftain, a website belonging to the high school's newspaper and came from the school's security cameras. When asked how the security footage made its way to YouTube, he said someone had been recording footage on a cell phone from the security cameras as an administrator joked that the clip was evidence of ghosts.

From there, it took on a life of its own.

Before Jolley's explanation was made public, paranormal investigator John Brian of Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization told Idaho State Journal News that he believed the footage was authentic.

"I really like it when they are on security cameras … because of the format it's recorded on, it's hard to go in and fake security footage," he said. "I would definitely in my opinion say it is 100 percent authentic."

Don Cotent, identified as a former principal, also described some of the experiences he had in the school during his 14-year career there.

"I witnessed a number of different things or had things brought to my attention that were probably paranormal," he said. "I'd be working on a Sunday night … and there'd be some banging on the floor from underneath like somebody had a broom handle and was pounding it on the … floor."

Watch Brian and Cotent speak about the purportedly paranormal scenario below:

To be clear, Jolley admitted to TheBlaze that he doesn't doubt that ghosts are potentially haunting the school, but he said the figure in the footage simply isn't what many claim it to be.

"Personally, I think the building probably is haunted," he said.

This apparently isn't the first time that claims of hauntings have plagued the school, as there is reportedly a long history of supposedly supernatural occurrences unfolding there.

See a video below of students and faculty at Pocatello High School speaking out about the latest footage:


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