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Reeks of Anti-Semitism': The Disturbing Scene at Least Two Dozen Families Just Discovered Outside Their Homes


"The damage primarily consisted of offensive words or symbols..."

A disturbing rash of anti-Semitism and vandalism unfolded in Madison, Wisconsin, over the weekend, where at least 30 homes and vehicles were spray-painted with vulgar messages.

Garage doors, cars, mailboxes and driveways were targeted in the mass graffiti attack, which was discovered on Saturday morning, according to WISC-TV.

Not all of the language and symbols were aimed against Jewish residents. Most, in fact, contained explicit pictures and profanity, though some did include swastikas and proclamations such as "F*** Jews," the outlet reported.

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Other messages were reportedly targeted at women, with others referencing the KKK.

It's unclear whether the messages were predominately targeted at Jewish residents and other minorities, as police are not currently considering the damages part of a hate crime investigation.

"It just looks like it's malicious damage," Officer David Dexheimer told WISC-TV. "While some of the things painted were troubling, we don’t know that was specifically targeted to a particular victim."

Some, though, like Jim Stein, a local resident who is the president of the Jewish Federation of Madison, believes the entire thing "reeks of anti-Semitism."

An incident report listed on the Madison Police Department website notes that as of 7:20 a.m. on February 14, authorities were investigating at least 25 different cases of property damage and graffiti aimed at mailboxes, buildings and vehicles.

"The damage primarily consisted of offensive words or symbols that were spray painted on personal property," reads the police report. "The area where most of the damage occurred was west of Gammon Road, east of High Point Road, and north of Mineral Point Road."

Authorities continue to investigate.



Front page image via WISC-TV.

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