The One Reason Hollywood Insiders Are Predicting ‘American Sniper’ Will Be Snubbed at the Oscars Sunday

Image from "American Sniper" movie. (Image source: Keith Bernstein, Warner Bros. Pictures)

Jason Howerton

Despite being one of the biggest blockbusters in recent memory and earning over $300 million, “American Sniper” will likely be snubbed at the Academy Awards on Sunday, according to a panel of Hollywood insiders assembled by Vanity Fair.


Well, Deadline’s Peter Hammond argued that director Clint Eastwood’s decision to use a fake baby in one scene will “singlehandedly be the reason” the film, based on the life of legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, will not win Best Picture. Eastwood reportedly went with the fake baby after one of the real babies came in with a fever and another failed to show up.

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle; Sienna Miller plays Kyle’s wife, Taya. (Photo: Keith Bernstein, Warner Bros. Pictures)

The rest of the expert panel agreed that “American Sniper” would not win, predicting either “Boyhood” or “Birdman” will emerge victorious.

If it were up to the American public, “American Sniper” would win, according to a study cited by the Daily Mail.

Despite it being a minor aspect of the movie, the fake baby scene in the film has been mocked online. But the movie also ignited a passionate debate about war and the struggles that military veterans and their families face as a result of their sacrifice.

You can watch the fake baby scene from “American Sniper” below. Should this cost the movie an Oscar?