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Here's Your State's 'Most Frequently Misspelled' Word



Image source: vocativ.com

Wyoming is "jelous." Utah has a problem with "awnry." And Nebraska appears go apoplectic over "seizures."

According to data gathered by Google, those are the most frequently misspelled words in each of those states.

If you ever used Google to check on the correct spelling of a word, the Internet's leading search engine kept track of the words and the states where those searches originated.

While most states had a different, single misspelled word that leads all others, 12 states shared the word "grey." One analyst speculates 2014's "Fifty Shades of Grey" may have caused this.

Image source: vocativ.com

The folks at Vocativ.com looked at information gathered by Google over the past twelve months and created a graphic showing the "Words That Would Knock Your State Out of the National Spelling Bee."

Image source: Vocativ.com

(H/T: Vocativ)


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