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He Was Reportedly Intoxicated When He Started Waving a Confederate Flag and Hurling Racial Slurs. What Happened Next Has Police Investigating.


"From what we’ve seen on video, there could be assault charges."

A brawl reportedly broke out at Camp Tonkawa Springs in Garrison, Texas, on July 4, after a seemingly drunk man allegedly began waving a confederate flag and hurling racial slurs.

"What we know is that the male who was waving the flag was believed to be very intoxicated," Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges told TheBlaze. "He started making some comments toward a group of individuals that we believe were some very negative comments, and somebody jumped on him."

Two Nacogdoches County police officers who happened to be on the property nearby doing security headed to the scene and brought the white male to safety, but he fled when they headed back to temper emotions among the remaining crowd; no arrests were made.

KTRE.com | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

A video that was posted to Twitter after the incident shows a crowd surrounding the man. 

Glimpses of the confederate flag can be observed throughout the brief clip, with the male seen laying on the ground at one point, as people crowded around him.

Bridges said that there's an active investigation into what unfolded, but that authorities still do not know the identities of the attacker, nor the seemingly inebriated man who was said to be waving the confederate flag.

"We're trying to find out who the subjects are," he said, noting that the case won't go anywhere if new details don't come in.

As for the potential charges that could result, Bridges said that assault might be on the table, though it remains unclear whether the victim would also be held legally liable for his actions.

"From what we've seen on video, there could be assault charges," he said. "It could just come down to mutual combat."

Camp Tonkawa has since banned the presence of Confederate flags on the premises, according to KTRE-TV.


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