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WATCH: North Korea Celebrates Hydrogen Bomb Test With Bizarrely Choreographed Dance


"The success of our hydrogen bomb test will be a nightmare and shock for our enemies, who keep trying to hold us back."

After the country's alleged successful hydrogen bomb detonation, North Koreans gathered for celebrate. The festivities included fireworks, a mass rally and a choreographed dance.

Thousands gathered Friday — which was also North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's birthday — in Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang to show support for the purported bomb test, Mashable reports.

In the video, viewers see young men seemingly participating in a choreographed dance and women dressed in elaborate garb gleefully circling a stone statue in the town square. Others gathered in front of another statue to participate in a staged display.

"Today, I'm proud to be here to take part in this dancing. The success of our hydrogen bomb test will be a nightmare and shock for our enemies, who keep trying to hold us back," Pyongyang resident and dancer So Guk Chol said in a video first obtained by the Associated Press.

These types of celebrations are not unusual in Pyongyang. National authorities frequently schedule festivities if they want to emphasize policies or events they deem important.

"This hydrogen bomb test is a demonstration of the power of our fatherland and also shows our firm attitude and how tough our army and people are," Im Guk Jin said.

However, the news is not as positive for neighboring rival South Korea. South Korean leadership announced Thursday it would resume its cross-border propaganda broadcasts — a move North Korea views as an act of war.

Additionally, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote early next week on legislation that will impose more sanctions on North Korea, which House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said will enjoy bipartisan support.

Should the bill become law, new U.S. sanctions will target North Korea's access to hard currency, as well as other goods, and will step up inspections of the country's cargo. Similar legislation passed the House two years ago but failed to gather enough votes to advance in the Senate.

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