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N.C. Republicans Slam Clinton's VP Kaine Over 'Shameful' Flag Pin — It Backfires Big Time



The North Carolina Republican Party blasted Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine on Wednesday for wearing a "shameful" "Honduras flag" pin on his jacket instead of an American flag pin.

The line of attack quickly backfired when the truth about the meaning behind the pin emerged. Kaine's flag pin was actually a symbol for families to honor loved ones serving in the military, not a Honduras flag.

“That’s a Blue Star Service pin for his son, who’s a deployed Marine,” WNYT-TV reporter Ben Amey wrote in a response to the N.C. GOP’s tweet.

Dallas Woodhouse, head of the North Carolina Republican Party, apologized for the “error” on Thursday.

The party also thanked the reporter for allowing them to “correct our mistake.”


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