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New Arabic billboard in Michigan mocks Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rheotric


"It’s tongue-in-cheek with a serious message behind the comedy."

Image source: The Nuisance Committee/Facebook

The founders of the popular card game "Cards Against Humanity" recently placed a billboard in Michigan mocking Republican nominee Donald Trump and his rhetoric against Muslims — and the sign has gone viral.

The Nuisance Committee, an anti-Trump political action committee based in Chicago and owned by the same people as the famous card game, placed the sign in Dearborn along Interstate 94 earlier this week.

The sign, which is mostly in Arabic, reads: "Donald Trump, he can’t read this, but he is scared of it anyway," according to the Detroit News, who spoke with Kitty Kurth, a spokesperson for the Nuisance Committee.

"It’s tongue-in-cheek with a serious message behind the comedy," she said.

The sign was reportedly placed in Dearborn because of the area's large Muslim and Arabic population. According to Think Progress, the area actually has the highest concentration of Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans in the United States.

Melissa Harris, a spokeswoman for the group, said in an interview with WWJ-AM that she hopes the billboard generates dialogue between Arabic-speaking Americans and non-Arabic speaking Americans.

"I like the idea of people who do not speak Arabic having to ask their friends who do speak Arabic to translate the board for them," she said. "And I personally hope this also will generate some dialogue between Arabic speaking people and non-Arabic speaking people in Detroit and across the country."

The billboard is expected to stay up through Election Day, according to the Detroit News.

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