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Kids are gearing up to take Trump to court over climate change


According to CNN, a group of kids ranging from ages 9 to 20 are going to take the federal government, and by extension, President-elect Donald Trump to court once he assumes office.

The reason is that politicians have failed to fix the climate change problem, and so through a law firm called Our Children's Trust," and led by attorney Julia Olsen, these kids will be utilizing the law to force some changes. Olsen herself told CNN the plan in the email, and just why the kids are going after Trump the moment he assumes command.

"President-elect Donald Trump has asserted he will dismantle many of the executive actions taken by the Obama administration," she said in an email. "Because President Obama implemented many climate change policies through executive action, Trump will have the power to water down President Obama's climate change regulations and ignore the United States' commitments under last year's Paris climate agreement. Such steps will be disastrous for our country. These actions will place the youth of America, as well as future generations, at irreversible, severe risk to the most devastating consequences of global warming.

According to CNN, the kids are worried about their future existence.

The climate kids she represents will argue their constitutional rights to liberty and property are being violated by climate change, which threatens to submerge coastal cities, exacerbate drought and bring on mass extinction.

One of the group's most interesting arguments is that kids have more to lose when it comes to global warming than adults do -- because they will live longer. Yet they are unable to vote and have little if any voice in climate policy.

Trump has stated that he has plans to do away with much of the environmental regulations laid down by Obama in order to reduce pressure on American industries, including coal. The key regulation Trump has said he would throw away, and the key regulation being discussed by the children, is the Paris Treaty, which President Obama signed without ratification from the Senate.


President Obama claimed he was able to sign the treaty legally by saying it was not a treaty, but instead an "executive agreement." This "executive agreement" would force businesses to reduce CO2 emissions, which would have devastating economic effects over time according to the Heritage Foundation.


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