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NYC Mayor de Blasio vows to protect minorities from Trump administration: ‘This is your home’

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio holds a news conference in front of Trump Tower following a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

A few short days after his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in the gilded Manhattan Trump Tower, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to defend religious and racial minorities from a myriad of Trump policy proposals.

Specifically, the Democratic mayor ensured he would legally prevent Muslims from having to enter into a registry program, provide representation for immigrants facing deportation and not comply with stop-and-frisk orders from the Justice Department.

De Blasio also promised to ensure proper health care for women should Planned Parenthood lose its federal funding.

“So I am clear, I’m going to stand up to anything that affronts our people,” de Blasio said at an anti-hate rally at Cooper Union, a college near the East Village. “Our city government will stand up, but the greatest power is in you — the strength and resiliency of New Yorkers. We set the tone, we set the example, and we could never give up.”

“Not only do we depend on each other, people all over this country, people all over this world look to this place,” he continued. “So it’s time for us to live up to their faith in New York City.”

The mayor complimented Trump for “standing up for” New York during a GOP primary debate when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz derided “New York values.”

“President-elect Trump at the time stood up for New York. I hope he remembers every day what he saw over all those years in the city and doesn’t lose track of the very things that allowed him and countless others an opportunity — this place that is open to all, that believes in opportunity for all,” de Blasio said.

“The president-elect talked during the campaign about the movement that he built; now it’s our turn to build a movement, a movement of the majority that believes in respect and dignity for all,” he continued.

De Blasio said:

To all Latinos who heard their culture denigrated – we stand by you.

To all the African-Americans who heard their history denied – we stand by you.

To all the women who heard their rights being threatened – we stand by you.

To all the Muslims who have heard their faith belittled – we stand by you.

To all those in the Jewish community who heard a resonance from history that gave them real fear and pause – we stand by you.

To all those in the LGBT community who heard a message of taking us backward – we will never go backward. We stand by you.

To all of you – we will protect you. This is your home.

De Blasio met Wednesday with Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, at the Republican president-elect’s Trump Tower. Speaking to reporters following the pair’s convergence, de Blasio contended that the two were able to speak in a “respectful” and “candid” manner.

“I left the meeting with the door open for more dialogue,” de Blasio said at the time.

Trump once referred to de Blasio as the “single worst mayor in the history of New York City,” and de Blasio on Monday hit back with a challenge to the president-elect’s authority.

“The results of an election don’t change who we are. A single officeholder doesn’t change who we are. A law that gets passed in Washington doesn’t change who we are,” de Blasio said. “We are 8.5 million strong, and we ain’t changing.”

“We are always New York,” the mayor added and then repeated the line in Spanish.

As WPIX-TV reported, de Blasio’s speech came Monday as reported hate crimes in New York have apparently risen. On Friday, a Brooklyn park was defaced with swastikas and pro-Trump graffiti.

“In the Declaration of Independence there is one of the most simple and powerful messages. It says governments are instituted deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” de Blasio said Monday. “We don’t consent to hatred.”

“And we will fight anything we see as undermining our values,” de Blasio continued. “Here is my promise to you as your mayor: We will use all the tools at our disposal to stand up for our people.”

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