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Veterans shocked to find their American flags burned on Pearl Harbor anniversary

Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images

Two Bakersfield, California, gym owners were shocked to find that a pair of American flags they hung outside of their businesses were burned and destroyed by vandals. The disturbing act was committed on the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, and worse still, the gym owners are both military veterans.

Neal Lyday posted pictures of the aftermath on Facebook:

More from Bakersfield Now:

[Lyday's business neighbor Dicky] Mulyana said it must have happened overnight between when he left at 8:30 and when he got back at 4:30 Wednesday morning.

And it wasn't just his flag. In the same complex on Downing Avenue and Alken Street, the flag outside Neal Lyday's gym was also burned.

"I couldn't believe it," said Lyday who arrived at work this morning to find one of his trainers, a combat veteran, standing over the charred remnants in shock.

"It hurt me to see something like that," said Lyday.

Both he and Mulyana say they have no idea who did it. They don't believe it was a disgruntled client, but can't rule it out. Lyday says the only surveillance camera on the property had recently been turned off after he moved units so they have no video of the incident.

Mulyana, who is an immigrant from Indonesia, thinks it might be related to Donald Trump's election, but that would be complete speculation. They have notified the Bakersfield authorities and hopefully whoever did this will face the consequences for it.

In the meantime, they've replaced the flags:

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