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Trump supporter physically attacked outside Oscars — but she doesn't take it lying down

Trump supporter physically attacked outside Oscars. (Image source: YouTube)

A supporter of Republican President Donald Trump was physically attacked after her sign was grabbed and torn outside the Oscars awards show Sunday in Hollywood.

Image source: YouTube

But the Trump supporter — wearing what looked like a red "Make America Great Again" baseball cap — didn't take the attack lying down, and was soon swinging her fists back at the woman who started swinging first.

Image source: YouTube

Another female, apparently the attacker's friend, also got into the act and even held on to the attacker as a police officer was making his arrest.

Image source: YouTube

But the cop wasn't having it, telling the attacker's friend that she needed "to let go, or I will put you in handcuffs."

The attacker's friend also was seen on video clashing with a male Trump supporter who told her she's "fake and phony" and has "no respect."

In a snippet from the same video — which may have been prior to the arrest — the attacker's friend, with the attacker by her side, apparently had enough of the Trump-supporting man arguing with her.

Image source: YouTube

Thinking quickly on her feet, she flipped him off then turned around and grabbed her rear end.

Image source: YouTube

The incidents reportedly were reactions to a larger protest and boycott of the Oscars.

Here's the video. Only in Hollywood:

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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