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Ann Coulter: Mid East migrants ‘terrifying,’ can’t ‘stop themselves from raping masses of women’

Author Ann Coulter appears on Fox News Channel's "Hannity" on March 17 to discuss President Donald Trump's refugee ban. (Image source: YouTube)

In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” hosted by Sean Hannity, author Ann Coulter railed against the possibility of allowing more refugees to enter the United States from Middle Eastern nations identified by the Trump administration in its most recent immigration order as being potentially dangerous, saying the migrants can’t “stop themselves from raping masses of women” and heavily criticizing the immigration policies in place in Germany.

“Why can’t we learn from Western Europe?” said Coulter on Friday night. “Just a few weeks ago, German intelligence reports  1,000 German residents have gone to fight with ISIS. Hundreds have come back to Germany, and what does Merkel do? She’s setting them up with welfare, because you know, if they don’t have a lot of welfare, that could radicalize them."

“Why don’t we believe what these migrants say?” said Coulter. “They come to countries, they rape women. They are having a very difficult time learning not to rape women—even if they’re infidel whores and have short skirts. What other immigrant group could not stop itself from raping masses of women?”

Coulter also said the mix of “German military discipline with Islamic ideology” is “terrifying.”

Coulter’s comments came the same day Merkel had her first meeting with President Donald Trump.

Merkel has received significant criticism in the United States and in Europe for her willingness to accept large numbers of migrants fleeing conflicts in the Middle East, especially in Syria, a position Trump has said he totally rejects. Although estimates vary, as many as four million non-European migrants, many of whom have come from Middle Eastern nations, have been accepted into Germany since 2005.

On March 6, Trump announced a new executive order temporarily banning travel into the United States from six Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. In Trump’s first attempt at issuing an executive order temporarily limiting immigration from countries he says pose a security risk to the United States, Trump also included Iraq.

Trump issued the revised executive order after the first order, signed in January, was struck down by a federal judge in Seattle — a decision that was later upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Trump’s second order, which included several important changes, was struck down by a federal judge in Hawaii on Tuesday, who determined, in part, that the order could violate First Amendment religious liberty protections.

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