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Leftist professor attempts to get two conservatives fired over a disagreement on Facebook

Texas State University professor attempts to have two conservatives fired for disagreements made over Facebook (Photo credit: GettyImages)

According to Campus Reform, history professor - and rumored to be the next dean of the College of Liberal Arts - at Texas State University, Elizabeth Bishop, attempted to have two conservatives fired from their jobs after an argument on Facebook. One of the conservatives in question is a student at the University.

It all started when Colton Duncan, the Texas State student in question, called out the University's double standard when it came to allowing radical communist Angela Davis - whom he referred to as an "American terrorist"- to speak on campus, while not allowing the College Republicans to host a women's empowerment summit. Facebook has since deleted the post for "violating community standards," but not before it kicked up a debate between Duncan, Bishop, and Texas Public Policy Foundation's (TPPF) Alexander Morrissette.

“It’s a shame we live in an era when university students can’t tell the difference between Stalin and Hitler,” Bishop wrote. “Like, they fought World War II. As enemies.”

Morrissette responded, “Enemies can have similar goals, interests, and dreams of autocratic control.”

The argument reportedly escalated within the same vein, and the next morning TPPF received a call from Bishop asking if Morrissette was an employee there. She told the person on the phone that Morrissette had made belittling statements about her in the Facebook posts, but had refused to go into detail about what those statements were. Upon being told that they would give Morrissette a talk about Facebook habits, she hung up.

According to Morrissette, TPPF didn't give Bishop's complaints too much consideration.

“Thankfully, my employer laughed the ordeal off after seeing that the allegations of hate speech were false,” Morrissette told Campus Reform. “The employers on college campuses, especially campuses that are so rife with Politically Correct culture, may not be so judicious in their evaluation of these kinds of claims.”

Bishop allegedly then turned her sites to Duncan, calling the university department to investigate Duncan and his “associates” for “hate speech.”

“Someone like that, with little to no regard for the First Amendment, has no business educating the next generation of leaders,” said Duncan. “The political science department has pumped out a good number of leaders, whether they're activists, public servants, or leaders in the private sector. I shudder at the thought of this woman wielding any authority over this process.”

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