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Morning Joe' and Twitter destroy Trump, GOP and women over health care: 'Fat, middle-aged, white

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While discussing a photo of President Donald Trump and a collection of Republican House members Friday, MSNBC's "Morning Joe" panel ripped Trump and the GOP over Thursday's narrow vote to replace Obamacare, calling Trump and his cronies "fat, middle-aged white guys."

The picture in question was a photo-op for the president and select members of the House GOP, which was a celebratory set up in the White House Rose Garden after the House passed the American Health Care Act, which is the Trump-backed plan to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. Trump had postponed his first return to New York City since being elected in order to hold the event at the White House.

"They all voted for Trump," Donny Deutsch said about the photo being displayed on screen. "There’s no moral compass, there’s no political compass, there’s disabled children who will be losing their benefits in school, and what are we looking at? A bunch of fat, middle-aged white guys."

Mika Brzezinski chimed in that the men — and one single woman — standing behind Trump in the photo resembled a "golf course ribbon cutting" more than anything else and described the assembled lawmakers were a "sea of political stupidity." Brzezinski said the one woman in the photo didn't "look too happy."

As the panelists, including Joe Scarborough, Brzezinski and  Deutsch, took a major swipe at the president's celebratory photo-op, they questioned how Trump and the GOP would explain the cloudiness of the bill to the U.S. public and whether or not it would improve health care at large, or whether the passing of the bill would simply make for larger tax breaks to the rich.

The co-hosts also voiced a collective concern of the public over whether patients with pre-existing conditions would continue to receive the same care they did under Obamacare.

The AHCA would remove Obamacare taxes levied on insurance companies and the wealthy, as well as eliminate the mandate requiring U.S. citizens to carry health insurance. The bill would also do away with subsidies that lower premiums for those who purchased their health plans through the government marketplace, replacing them with age-based tax credits in order for individuals to purchase their own health care.

One of the most controversial aspects of the bill would allow insurance companies to opt out of the previously mandated clause requiring carriers to cover all pre-existing conditions so long as the state set up a high-risk pool from which those with the conditions could draw. The insurance providers would then effectively be able to charge individuals and families more in premiums if there were a coverage gap.

The "Morning Joe" crew weren't the only people tearing into the Trump-GOP photo-op. Twitter was ablaze after the photo of the presidential celebration went viral, many of them sharing the same sentiments uttered by the MSNBC hosts:

White women were even targeted in the takedown and were blamed for electing Trump to begin with.

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