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Explanation for new 'artwork' outside Trump hotel in Chicago doesn't pass the smell test

An art sculpture outside Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago is raising a lot of eyebrows. (Image source: Nova Safo/AFP/Getty Images)

A piece of "artwork" outside Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Chicago is raising a lot of eyebrows.

The 5-foot tall golden letters spell out "REAL FAKE" and were designed by artist Scott Reeder in 2013, before President Donald Trump, who owns the hotel, even announced his bid for the presidency," Fox News reported.

The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs bolted the sculpture to the sidewalk just recently. Christine Carrino, a spokeswoman for the cultural affairs office, referred any questions about the "intention" of the artwork's placement to the artist, Scott Reeder.

“Any questions about the artist's intention or the artwork's background should be directed to the artist's gallery Kavi Gupta,” Carrino said.

But a spokesman for Reeder said he had no say in where the sculpture was placed.

Carrino told the Chicago Tribune that "what's wonderful about art is that it is completely open to interpretation."

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office provided a similar but separate statement to Fox News.

“Art at its best makes a statement. And this piece certainly makes a real statement," Emanuel's office said.

The area where the artwork was erected is often where anti-Trump protesters gather to voice their disdain for the current Oval Office occupant.

It's also where tourists go to get a picture in front of the skyscraper and the "TRUMP" name near the base of the building. Rich Szymanski from Pittsburgh was one of those tourists. Szymanski told Fox News that city officials should "stay out of politics."

“They're making a statement against the president of the United States, even though I personally don't agree with him," Szymanski said.

Another tourist, John Kowalski, said he doesn't buy for one second that the sculpture's placement was merely coincidental.

“Is the sign on the building coincidental? I don't think either of them are coincidental," Kowalski told Fox News.

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