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Routine traffic stop turns into violent 'black lives matter' assault on cop

Image source: TheBlaze

Anthony Denson Jr., a Naples, Florida man, reportedly punched a police officer in the face while resisting arrest, and yelled "Black lives matter!" while being taken to jail on Wednesday.

Denson was pulled over in Naples for a seatbelt infraction, according to the Naples Daily News.

When the deputy asked the man for his license and registration, Denson argued with the man, and allegedly accused the officer of wanting to shoot him.

Denson refused to exit the vehicle, and the officer told Denson that he would have to use the Taser if he insisted on not cooperating.

Denson was said to be "shaking his body while grinding his teeth and growling" before finally deciding to exit the car. The suspect is said to have exited his vehicle, and upon leaving the car, punched the officer in the face.

Denson was subsequently arrested and taken to the police station. On the way to the station, the newspaper reported that Denson was visibly agitated.

While being booked, Denson is said to have yelled "Black lives matter!"

The newspaper also reported that Denson is being charged with “obstructing an officer; battery of a law enforcement officer; threatening to do serious bodily harm to a public official; and driving while his license was suspended, second offense.”

Additionally, it was reported that Denson's driver's license was suspended in April on suspicion of failing to pay child support.

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