Comedian Rob Schneider takes down CNN with just one epic tweet — then he triggers liberals

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider unleashed on CNN in a tweet and liberals were triggered. (VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Comedian Rob Schneider recently took aim at CNN on his Twitter feed and later drew the ire of liberals.

"CNN is biased,fake,lies,distortions,fake sources & a blackmailer," Schneider tweeted Thursday. "I reserve the right to watch your network again should any of that change."

Schneider followed the tweet up by saying all mainstream media is "suspect" and compared the American media to the Soviet Union's state-run media outlet Pravda.

"I think at this point ALL MSM news is suspect. It's almost like Soviet Union Pravda. People begin to rely on word of mouth," Schneider wrote.

The tweets come after a tumultuous few weeks for CNN.

A number of journalistic plunders plagued the mainstream media news outlet last month, including one story that resulted in the resignation of three high-level staffers.

That story connected a Trump transition team member to a Russian investment bank and hinged on one anonymous source. The story proved to be false and the story's reporter and two editors resigned after CNN pulled the story from their website and social media citing a breakdown in their editorial process.

Then Project Veritas released a number of undercover videos that showed CNN staffers undermining the network's coverage of alleged Trump-Russia collusion.

The problems magnified last weekend after President Donald Trump ignited controversy when he tweeted a video of himself, created by an anonymous Reddit user, body-slamming CNN. The video was of Trump at WrestleMania in 2007 and the CNN logo was superimposed on a wrestler's head.

That controversy likely would have ended worse for Trump, but the outrage did a complete turn-a-round last week when CNN was accused of threatening to "dox" the Reddit user who created the video. Doxxing is the practice of outing someone's personal identity online for malicious purposes. CNN denied the allegations, but the damage was done.

Schneider's tweet was in response to all of the madness. Schneider made headlines in 2013 when he changed his party affiliation to the Republican Party after being a lifelong Democrat. He is also an apparent supporter of Trump.

And given his position in Hollywood, his tweet triggered many liberals and progressives:

put your tin foil hat back on and calm down deuce

— Chunk The Producer (@iLoveCHUNK) July 7, 2017

So since no one is watching your crap movies, you're going to cling to relevancy as politics as your vehicle? Nice.

— Prof. Savage, M.D. (@savage_prof) July 7, 2017

Please enlighten us Rob, what should we consider "real news"? Fox news? Breitbart? Infowars? Your opinion is sooo important, please tell us

— Edson Villaseñor (@mr_ed682) July 7, 2017

Says the guy who watches fox

— Juan Castaneda (@juancastaneda) July 7, 2017

Listen to Rob everyone, he's repeating exactly what he heard someone say on Fox News.

— Joshua Mann (@JoshuaLeeMann) July 7, 2017

I reserve the right to still be flabbergasted at how you're able to make a living as a comedian.

— That Kentucky Dude (@theONLYjcarr) July 7, 2017

We feel the same way about your crappy movies.

— Mike deCourcy (@MikeIsReal) July 7, 2017

You really never had any talent, so you fit right in with the Trump crowd.

— Bruce B. (@BruceBsbs221) July 7, 2017

To compound problems for CNN, their ratings are in the tank. In fact, for the last week of June and into the first two days of July, CNN overall ranked 13th best on all of cable. Their top competitors, Fox News and MSNBC, ranked first and second, respectively.

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