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Unhinged woman smashes partner's vehicle while children are in it — their reaction is heartbreaking

Image source: TheBlaze

A New Jersey woman's unhinged attack on her ex-husband's vehicle took "unsettling" to another level when the video taken by the ex-husband recorded the couple's children's heartbreaking reaction and subsequent injury.

The Paterson, New Jersey, woman was caught on camera Sunday, wielding a hammer and smashing everything on the exterior of her ex-husband's black Range Rover from the windshield to the headlights.

During the terrifying ordeal, the couple's children — a young boy and girl — sat in the backseat screaming "Daddy!" in horror as their mother destroyed their father's car.

In the video, shards and chunks of glass can be seen flying into the vehicle, along with debris and dust.

Relatives of the couple told Univision that the woman's attack on the vehicle is inexplicable.

On camera, the unidentified man can be heard telling his ex-wife that the shards of glass had injured the children, but the kids' mother paid the warning no mind, as she continued swinging the hammer at the vehicle.

“You cut the babies!” the man can be heard saying in Spanish, clearly upset.

Toward the end of the video, the woman opens the car doors and takes the children from the vehicle, moving them to another waiting car.

When the unidentified woman began to leave, her ex-husband was heard saying, "You're going to rot in prison, you heard?"

One of the children — the young girl — can be seen toward the end of the video with a bleeding gash on her elbow.

Paterson law enforcement has not revealed whether the woman in question has been arrested on any charges.

See the video in its entirety below.

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