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Melania Trump finds unlikely ally in a very outspoken anti-Trump liberal after stiletto-gate

Trevor Noah came to the defense of Melania Trump on Tuesday after she was widely criticized for wearing high heels while traveling to Texas. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

First lady Melania Trump found an unlikely ally in a devoutly anti-Trump liberal commentator Tuesday.

That person is Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central's “The Daily Show."


Trump was widely mocked Tuesday after she was photographed wearing high heels while leaving Washington, D.C., to travel to Texas. She and President Donald Trump left for the Lone Star State to visit areas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.

The first lady took a beating on social media while mainstream media publications wrote whole articles about the shoe choice. The New York Times even published an article playing on the English idiom “thin ice."

“Melania Trump, Off to Texas, Finds Herself on Thin Heels,” the headline read.

Noah to the rescue

Noah began his comedic news show on Tuesday by addressing the outage and defending Trump. His comments came after he discussed another missile that North Korea had tested.

“People weren’t talking about the nuclear missile that Kim Jong Un tested because Melania Trump apparently did something much worse: Yeah, you see, she went to Houston wearing high heels — and she’s getting a lot of flak for it,” he said.

“Here’s my thing: I don’t know why anyone should care what anyone wears when they’re on their way to help people. People were like: ‘Why is she wearing those heels when she’s gonna help people?!’ Like who cares?” Noah explained. “Cut. Her. Some. Slack."

The hilarious backfire

While the media were writing critical stories about Trump and her heels, the first lady shut them up once she and President Trump arrived in Texaas. That's because she exited Air Force One wearing tennis shoes.

Melania's heels were likely just travel shoes. But hey, she's a Trump so why not publicly scorn her? That's liberal logic.

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