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North Korea sends Australia an 'unprecedented' letter - and it's about Trump

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It's been revealed that the North Korean government sent a letter to Australia in September that appeared to implore them to distance themselves from President Trump and his strategy against the "hermit kingdom."

What does the letter say?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the North Korean government derided Trump for his threats against their country, and then asked Australia to separate themselves from his leadership.

"If Trump thinks that he would bring the [Democratic People's Republic of Korea], a nuclear power, to its knees through nuclear war threat, it will be a big miscalculation and an expression of ignorance," the letter read.

North Korea exhorted Australia and other countries to "discharge their due mission and duty in realizing the desire of mankind for international justice and peace with sharp vigilance against the heinous and reckless moves of the Trump administration trying to drive the world into a horrible nuclear disaster."

What was Australia's reaction to the letter?

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that the letter was evidence that the international diplomatic and economic pressure on the belligerent country was working.

"I read this as showing that the collective strategy of allies and partners to impose maximum pressure and diplomatic and economic sanctions on North Korea is working," she said, "this is a very unusual step of issuing an open letter of this character."

"...I think that this shows they are feeling desperate, feeling isolated, trying to demonise the US," she added, "trying to divide the international community."

Why is it "unprecedented"?

Bishop explained, "This is the first letter that we can find that any Australian foreign minister has received from North's an open letter, this is not how they usually send messages around the world."

Did they send the letter to any other countries?

From the context of the letter, it appears that the North Korean government is implying that they did send other countries the same missive, but so far it is unknown if that is the case.

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