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Here's the video of the bizarre ‘protest’ against Disney’s animatronic Trump

A man's bizarre protest against President Donald Trump was jeered by visitors because it was aimed at his animatronic counterpart in Disney's Hall of Presidents exhibit in Orlando, Florida. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

The efficacy of a man's "protest" against President Donald Trump is being questioned after he posted a video of his screaming "lock him up!" during a robot's speech during the Hall of Presidents exhibit at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Here's the video of his obnoxious interruption:

The account posted the tweet with the caption, "I protested [President Trump] at the [Hall of Presidents] cuz I'll never get this close in real life probs."

The video captures his screaming during the speech given by Trump's animatronic robot counterpart.

Others can be heard yelling back, "shut up!" as he disturbs families trying to enjoy their vacations.

When challenged on social media, the protester responded, "I wish u were as upset about the thousands children being taken from their parents because of Trump's racist immigration policies, or the hundreds of trans people murdered each year, or the negative impacts of the tax bill on poor Americans as u r about me ruining someone's vacay."

What was the reaction?

The bizarre protest was met by jeering from both sides of the political divide. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro mocked him by simply adding, "not all heroes wear capes."

"You didn't protest Trump. You just screamed at an animatronic and probably ruined quite a few family vacations," said former congressman Joe Walsh. "That's just pathetic."

Animatronic Trump was installed in Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents exhibit this month, though many believed the robot bore a striking resemblance to his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.

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