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WATCH: Trump supporters 'attacked' during protest outside CNN


Outside of the CNN headquarters in Atlanta, some Trump supporters were there in MAGA hats and carrying signs protesting "fake news" over the weekend when a man bumrushed them, apparently in an anti-Trump or pro-CNN rage.

Patrick Howley posted the video at Big League Politics this weekend, and we've put "attack" in quotes because, well, as The Right Scoop put it in their post, "it’s almost laughable because the guy is so pathetic."

The key here, of course, being "almost" laughable, because it's also insane and overwrought and a sign of how bad things are.

Watch this nutter tear across the intersection and try to throw a punch.

Obviously, the pepper spray was the star of the show.

You can hear the guy, once he's on the ground and pepper sprayed and busted, feebly yelling "Fox News is fake news."

Just amazing. You have to take it seriously, but man does he make it hard.

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