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Ashli Babbitt's mother arrested on charges of assault, destruction of property following tense confrontation with Antifa protester who disrupted march honoring her daughter

Michelle "Micki" Witthoeft and "Anarchy Princess" (Image Source: News2Share Twitter video screenshot)

The mother of Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran who was fatally shot by U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd on January 6, 2021, was arrested on Tuesday near the Washington, D.C., jail.

Michelle "Micki" Witthoeft, 58, was arrested on charges of simple assault and destruction of property, police spokesperson Officer Hugh Carew told the Washington Post.

On Monday, Witthoeft participated in a Memorial Day march from the Capitol to the D.C. jail in honor of her daughter.

Witthoeft marched with a crowd of demonstrators while chanting her daughter's name. She stated that she hoped the protest would result in an investigation into the murder of Babbitt and other "unarmed memorial citizens."

"We're here for Memorial Day to honor all the fallen, which includes my daughter, Ashli Babbitt," Witthoeft stated.

During the march, Witthoeft was confronted by "Anarchy Princess," a livestreamer and Antifa protester.

The counter-protester followed the memorial march and used a megaphone to shout offensive comments at Witthoeft and the other demonstrators.

A video from the event captured Anarchy Princess yelling, "F*** Ashli Babbitt" and calling Witthoeft a "domestic terrorist."

"Nazis incoming," the counter-protester shouted while walking ahead of the demonstrators. "Insurrectionist losers!"

In another video, Anarchy Princess can be heard telling Witthoeft through the megaphone to "go home and worry about your son."

"Go home and take care of your one baby who's not dead or in prison," the woman added.

In response to the counter-protester's outbursts, Witthoeft stated, "My daughter served this country for their freedom to be idiots, so you're welcome."

The tension between Witthoeft and Anarchy Princess escalated as the march neared the jail.

Video of the incident captured Anarchy Princess holding up her middle finger to Witthoeft, who then reacted by shoving her. A few moments later, Witthoeft grabbed the woman's megaphone and threw it on the ground.

According to a police report, Anarchy Princess stated that Witthoeft pushed her and damaged the strap on her megaphone.

Witthoeft was also arrested by Capitol Police in January on the anniversary of Babbitt's death. Witthoeft was attempting to lay flowers at the Capitol to honor her daughter when she was accused of "illegally blocking traffic" and failing to "obey an order." The charges were later dropped.

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