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'I will never give up my guns': Gun control activist David Hogg questioned by Chinese immigrant about tyranny
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'I will never give up my guns': Gun control activist David Hogg questioned by Chinese immigrant about tyranny

A New Hampshire congressional candidate confronted gun control activist David Hogg and declared she would not be giving up her firearms because there is no guarantee that the United States could not fall into tyranny.

Lily Tang Williams, a congressional candidate in New Hampshire, attended a gun control debate at nearby Dartmouth College.

Tang Williams is adamantly pro-gun since emigrating from communist China and noted on her platform that she grew up under Mao Zedong.

During the question period of the event, the candidate approached the audience microphone to question Hogg.

"Hi, my name is Lily Tang Williams. Welcome to my 'live free or die' state," she began.

"Actually, I am a Chinese immigrant who survived communism, and under Mao, you know, 40 million people were starving to death after he sold communism to them. And 20 million people died ... murdered during his Cultural Revolution," she continued.

She then specifically addressed Hogg: "So, my question to you, David, is that can you guarantee me, a gun owner, tonight, our government in the U.S., in D.C., will never, never become a tyrannical government? Can you guarantee that to me?"

"There’s no way I can ever guarantee that any government will not be tyrannical," Hogg replied.

"Well, then the debate on gun control is over, because I will never give up my guns. Never, never. And you should go to China to see how gun control works for the dictatorship of the CCP."

Hogg has been a gun control activist since the 2018 Parkland, Florida, shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where he was a student. Hogg debated against Spike Cohen about the correlation between gun ownership and gun deaths/violent crime.

Cohen showcased data from several sources that refuted the idea that guns automatically result in more crime, stating that there are many countries with higher murder rates despite having fewer guns per person than the United States. The nonprofit CEO also cited an overall increase in suicide as the predominant factor for any increases in gun deaths.

"It’s the guns," Hogg retorted. "I wish I had my own printout of graphs" that showed "the relationship between the rate of firearm ownership and the gun homicide rate, even putting aside the suicides. There is a pretty strong correlation with all these developed countries," he continued.

"If you look at the countries that have the highest rate of gun violence, they also have poverty, they also have systemic racism, they also have all these other forms of systemic injustice that I agree that we need to address. But the reality is it is far harder for what happened in Parkland to happen in Switzerland or in the U.K. or in almost any other highly developed country than it was in the United States," the 23-year-old added.

Along with gun control, Republican candidate Tang Williams has warned about the indoctrination of children against their parents and the division of society as steps toward a communist dictatorship in the United States.

"I grew up under Mao’s cultural revolution in China and fled communism for the freedom of the United States," Tang Williams wrote on her website.

"I fear that the country I love is becoming like the country I left. That is why I am running for Congress. It is time for the majority to speak up and defend our country from the radical left and keep the American dream alive for our children."

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