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Drag Queen Story Time specifically for children under 5 championed by London borough — and observers are horrified


'This is grooming. Don't pretend it's anything else.'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The borough of Newham in London championed a Drag Queen Story Time specifically for children under 5 years of age in an official borough news story regarding the start of LGBT+ History Month.

Here's the lowdown about the event featuring drag queens reading stories to kids — from a Newham Council Twitter account that handles borough news:

The council's tweet links to a page for Newham LGBT History Month, which describes the Drag Queen Story Time as "providing spaces in which kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions" and a chance for "children to imagine the world in which people can present as they wish."

What did observers have to say?

As you might expect, not everyone reacted positively to the Newham Council tweet about the upcoming event:

  • "What kind of sane adult takes their kids to this?"
  • "Every single person involved in the promotion, facilitation, and execution of this deranged, wicked event deserves to be locked up in prison facing capital punishment. Including the parents."
  • "Child abuse."
  • "Well, at least do me a favor and don't pretend to be surprised when the pedophiles want to be recognized as 'just love.' Slippery slopes."
  • "This is grooming. Don't pretend it's anything else."
  • "It does nothing positive for the kids. It only feeds the leftist need to feel superior. 'Look at how superior I am, allowing these heathens into my children's space,' 'I am the epitome of inclusion.'"
  • "Where are the parents? Parents are supposed to protect their children."

As the following BBC clip on Drag Queen Story Time UK, parents and caregivers are right there smiling with their youngsters while drag queens teach their version of what acceptance and tolerance looks like:


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