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Trey Gowdy explains why Americans don't care about the impeachment hearings


"That's duplicity, it's a double standard"

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Former congressman Trey Gowdy angrily denounced the Democrats for what he saw as hypocritical outrage over complaints from the FBI agent who resigned after her anti-Trump texts were uncovered.

He made the comments to Martha MacCallum on her Fox News show Monday evening. Gowdy was responding to Lisa Page complaining that she was made a scapegoat over her texts to former FBI official Peter Strzok that were critical of President Donald Trump.

"The broader point is this. Keep in mind, Strzok and Page, and the Democrat and the DC media's argument is, 'yeah they were biased, yeah they said terrible things, but it had no impact on the outcome.' In other words, Trump was treated fairly in the end," said Gowdy.

"Now contrast that with what Trump's gone through with impeachment," he said.

"Now the Democrats are saying even though there were no investigations of the server or the Bidens, and even though the aid was released, they're now hyper-focused on the process!" Gowdy continued.

"It's the phone call! That's all that matters!" he exclaimed.

"So to Democrats, all's well that end's well if it's Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, but if you get the aid and there's no investigation, that's not enough, it still may be impeachable just because we didn't like your process," Gowdy said.

"That's duplicity, it's a double standard, and that's why the American people, I think, are completely unmoved thus far by the impeachment hearings of Chairman [Rep. Adam] Schiff (D-Calif.)," he concluded.

Gowdy could have been referring to polling that has shown support for impeachment waning among Americans as the impeachment inquiry dragged on.

Here's the video of Gowdy's comments:

Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interviewwww.youtube.com

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