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High school says tampon dispensers in boys' bathrooms are being placed in toilets

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Lakeridge High School students have apparently been removing tampon dispensers from the walls of boys' bathrooms and depositing them in the toilet.

According to the Daily Caller, the school sent out an email about the issue and reportedly attached a photo of a dispenser in a boys' restroom toilet.

Oregon state law requires public schools to supply free tampons and sanitary pads in bathroom dispensers, including in restrooms designated for males.

"Each time that the dispensers are taken down, the school needs to spend time and resources putting them back up in order to be compliant with House Bill 3294 [Menstrual Dignity Act]," the email noted, according to the Daily Caller. "We are asking our student body to be respectful of school property, and to be sensitive to all of our student's needs."

The absurd requirement to furnish free menstrual products in the boy's restroom reflects the metastasization of radical leftist gender ideology in society.

"This is a perfect example of throwing away tax dollars in Oregon public schools," vice president of Parents Defending Education Caroline Moore noted, according to the outlet. "This isn’t about vandalizing school property — we all know that is bad. The boys are signaling they are not girls and they want to be left alone. It is appalling that any school district is furthering the bizarre agenda from the left where they neglect science and believe men require tampons. Aren't the teachers supposed to be teaching them elementary facts, like I don't know, anatomy?”

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