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Kathy Barnette, GOP Senate candidate, reveals she was the byproduct of rape during fiery speech: 'I was not just a lump of cells'

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Kathy Barnette, Republican U.S. Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, announced that she was the byproduct of rape, the Daily Mail has reported.

What are the details?

During a Wednesday debate, Barnette hit out at her opposing candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

"I am so very grateful that our nation is having a very important conversation about life. I am the byproduct of a rape," she declared. "My mother was 11 years old when I was conceived, my father was twenty-one."

She then criticized Oz for what she said was a propensity to flip-flop on important voter issues — such as abortion.

"I was not just a lump of cells, as you can see I'm still not just a lump of cells," she insisted. "My life has value, and that was one of the reasons why it was very disturbing when I saw ... Oz running for this particular race when I've seen him on numerous occasions and specifically at "The Breakfast Club" saying that my life was nothing more than an acorn with electrical currents."

During a 2019 appearance on "The Breakfast Club" radio show, Oz said there are “electrical charges at six weeks” but that an unborn baby's heart is not beating at that point.

“If you were to say, starting from when we can hear the heart, like when the heart is really doing something, that would be different. That’s not six weeks, though,” Oz said at the time.

Barnette continued, "I am wondering if the good doctor has now since changed his position on that. My life is valuable and so are the many lives that find themselves in the womb of their mother, whether in the womb or towards the end of that life."

Trump-endorsed Oz insisted that his work as a physician could not permit him to approve of abortion.

"I was a heart surgeon, I operated on small children a few days old and witnessed the majesty of their hearts pounding blood," he fired back. "I would never think of harming that child, or even nine months earlier because life starts at conception."

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