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Ken Starr thumps Nancy Pelosi for obstructing impeachment process, accuses her of abuse of power


'I think there is an abuse of House power'

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has thus far obstructed the impeachment process by delaying the transfer of two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, which passed in the House this week, to the Republican-controlled Senate.

According to Ken Starr, Pelosi's actions are "wrong constitutionally," he said Saturday on Fox News.

"It's an impeachment with a footnote or with an asterisk," Starr said. "By the way, it never went over to the Senate, which I think means that it's a bit of a phony impeachment."

Starr said he agreed with Harvard legal scholar Noah Feldman, a Democratic witness who testified in favor of impeachment, that until Pelosi sends the articles of impeachment to the Senate, the House have not finished their constitutional duty — meaning Democrats have not yet officially impeached Trump.

In fact, Starr said Pelosi's actions may amount to abuse of power.

"She appears to be intruding into the power of the Senate which is ironic in the extreme, isn't it?" Starr said. "So, I think there is an abuse of House power in the way that this process unfolded in the House and riding rough-shod over minority rights and, ultimately, the rights of the president."

"Now she's trying to essentially tell the Senate how to do its business...and it's just wrong constitutionally," he explained.

On Thursday, one day after the House voted to impeach the president, Pelosi said she would delay sending the articles to the Senate until at least January because Democrats had not yet "seen anything that looks fair to us."

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