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Man reportedly robs Minnesota Dollar Tree where his girlfriend works — and her response is priceless


Bet this didn't go over too well


Quincy Gerrard Petty reportedly carried out a Christmas Eve robbery at the Roseville, Minnesota, Dollar Tree where his girlfriend works, according to WCCO-TV.

Petty's girlfriend, however, said that the store is making up false accusations in retaliation for a complaint that she recently filed.

What are the details of the robbery?

Petty, 39, who is suspected of entering the Roseville Dollar Tree around 8 a.m. on Dec. 24 with an unidentified accomplice, demanded the cashier on duty to open the register.

Petty allegedly said, "Open your register, I'm robbing you. ... I'm not playing."

According to employees, Petty reportedly was fidgeting with his waistband, as if to motion pulling out a weapon, though no gun was recovered at the scene.

"If you put your hands down, y'all done," Petty reportedly warned, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the station.

One of the store's employees reportedly recognized Petty as their co-worker's boyfriend with "100 thousand percent certainty."

Petty's girlfriend was not working that day.

Petty and the unidentified man reportedly got away with more than $1,700, which was taken from the store's registers and safe. The two fled from the scene in a red Ford Explorer.

Police discovered Petty at his girlfriend's home shortly after the robbery and took him into custody. He was discovered with about $600 on him — mostly in dollar bills. Authorities also reportedly discovered an envelope with the word "robbery" scrawled across it.

Authorities charged Petty with aggravated and simple robbery, according to the station. If convicted on both robbery charges, Petty could face a max sentence of 35 years in prison.

Petty reportedly admitted that the vehicle belongs to him, but he denied any involvement in the robbery.

What did this girlfriend say?

During an interview with police, Petty's girlfriend provided his alibi and reportedly told officers that Petty had been with her all morning.

She also insisted that the robbery was set up by her employer in response to a complaint that she'd recently filed against the store.

According to the station, the store reportedly told authorities that Petty's girlfriend had allegedly made remarks about robbing the store and reportedly said that her boyfriend was in a gang.

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