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'Mental agony': MrBeast spends a week buried alive in transparent casket after being attacked for helping people
Image credit: YouTube screenshot

'Mental agony': MrBeast spends a week buried alive in transparent casket after being attacked for helping people

Uber-popular YouTuber MrBeast recently completed his most outrageous stunt yet, which featured him getting buried alive for a full week. This comes after the online star was apparently canceled for being a "white male figure" and "monetizing kindness" for his acts of philanthropy around the world.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, had haters and claustrophobes fuming when he posted his most recent video, which has amassed more than 65 million views in just the past two days.

He urged his 213 million subscribers to refrain from trying the stunt on their own, noting that the challenge had caused him "mental agony."

Though the stunt presented extreme risks, MrBeast accepted the challenge of spending a full week beneath the ground, with a number of cameras, a five-gallon drum of water, one briefcase of MRE foods, and another briefcase equipped with toilet paper and some weights.

In the video, Donaldson is seen being buried alive in a transparent casket, dressed in a suit with flowers resting on his chest. A total of 20,000 pounds of dirt was dumped on top of the casket, which presented initial fears over whether it would be able to bear the colossal weight.

Donaldson's friends were apparently in constant communication with him via walkie-talkie, checking to ensure that he was still doing okay at all times. But this did not prevent them from carrying out pranks and jokes in his absence, including eating a delicious steak dinner on his burial place.

Donaldson addressed the question of how he used the restroom in the casket by simply holding up a plastic bottle, filled with what appeared to be urine. He jokingly said that it took so long to bury him that he already needed to relieve himself before the challenge officially got started.

The major element of concern for Donaldson was that he might experience blood clots in his legs when he tried to stand up following the challenge. However, he emerged from the casket unscathed by blood clots or any other physical ailment.

It was the psychological toll of being trapped in the underground box that proved the most challenging.

There were a number of times that he broke down in tears during the experience, including when he was excavated. Upon seeing sunlight shine through the transparent casket, Donaldson can be see wiping tears from his eyes, saying: "I don't know why. I just couldn't help it."

In accomplishing the challenge, Donaldson smashed the previous world record for being buried alive, which was 50 hours.

Donaldson has amassed an incredible amount of money, with estimates ranging between $3 million and $5 million per month from ad revenue alone. The crux of Donaldson's videos is that he carries out bizarre and ridiculously expensive challenges that almost always go viral.

But he is not known only for these wacky stunts. He is also known for his acts of philanthropy, which have included gifting people cars, helping the deaf hear, and building water wells for people in Africa.

This last act has motivated some to refer to Donaldson as a "white male figure" and charge him with monetizing acts of kindness, never minding the fact that he is actually helping people who find themselves in tough spots.

Donaldson's effort in building the wells in Africa is expected to help "300-500K+ people across Cameroon, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe over their lifetime."

Nevertheless, it appears these acts of kindness are not good enough for the foot soldiers of cancel culture, who have condemned his actions because he happens to be white and records the whole endeavor.

“I already know I’m gonna get canceled because I uploaded a video helping people, and to be 100% clear, I don’t care,” Donaldson posted to X.

“I’m always going to use my channel to help people and try to inspire my audience to do the same.”

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