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'God jammed the gun': Pastor survives apparent assassination attempt mid-sermon
Image composite: Facebook video, Glenn Germany - Screenshots

'God jammed the gun': Pastor survives apparent assassination attempt mid-sermon

A man strode up Sunday afternoon to the sanctuary of Jesus' Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania, where Pastor Glenn Germany was preaching the gospel. Unlike the Islamic terrorist who just weeks ago savagely stabbed an Australian bishop mid-sermon, the man who approached Germany was armed with a handgun.

Although the gunman allegedly left a corpse at home, he would not leave another before the Christian church's altar.

"I started to begin to preach, and all of a sudden, from my left-hand side, I saw him move from the back to the front of the church, and he set up in the front corner of the church and smiled at me," Germany told WTAE-TV. "All of a sudden, I just saw a gun pointing right at me. And at that point, all I could try to do is run for cover."

Footage of the incident shows the gunman, identified by police as 26-year-old Bernard Junior Polite, take aim at the pastor, then allegedly attempt to pull the trigger. Pennsylvania State Police indicated the firearm "failed to discharge."

"I'm thankful to God that I'm still here, because he definitely pulled the trigger," said Germany.

The pastor told WPXI-TV, "You heard him shoot it. God jammed the gun so the bullet didn't come out."

The gunman's trigger pull was met with neither a thunderclap nor a gunshot, but rather the heroic charge of the church's deacon, Clarence McCallister.

As McCallister closes in on Polite from the rear, the video shows the would-be shooter attempt to get a clear view of Germany, who leaped behind a podium for cover. However, before the gunman can line up a shot, McCallister tackles him, gripping him tightly until Germany can wrest the gun out of his control.

Pastor Germany indicated that the deacon who ran to his defense "could have lost his life in that struggle."

"He sacrificed himself for everyone, and he's the hero," added Germany.

McCallister told KDKA-TV, "There's something that needs to be done, and I jumped up and handled my business."

The pastor reportedly spoke to Polite before police carted him away and accepted his apology.

"This guy was just dealing with spirits, he said, and he came in and wanted to shoot somebody," Germany told KDKA. "He said you ducked a taco today, that's what he told me, and I guess that's slang for you ducked a bullet."

According to the charging document, Polite told police he tried to gun down the pastor because "Gold told him to do it" and he wanted jail time to clear his mind, reported WTAE.

Polite stands a good chance of landing plenty of time to clear his mind, as he was charged with multiple offenses including aggravated assault and attempted homicide. Polite has been denied bail. His potential role in the death of Derrek Polite remains unclear.

KDKA reported that the Eastern Regional Mon Valley Police Department received a call about a shooting around 8 p.m. Sunday and discovered the body of 56-year-old Derrek Polite in a home along Stokes Avenue in North Braddock. One nearby resident reported hearing a gunshot earlier in the day.

Neighbors told WTAE that there had not previously been any problems with Bernard and the victim, both of whom were described as nice.

"Nothing bad has ever happened in that home. There were no domestic violence, no fights, no argument that we know of that we could ever have heard," said neighbor, Guy Diperna.

Benjamin Jordan, another neighbor, said, "I just hope it ain't Bernard, that's all, because he was a nice guy, and so was Derrek."

While Germany could easily have ended up like Derrek Polite, he appeared more impacted by the fact that his 14-year-old daughter had to witness the incident.

"The thing that hurts me the most and brings tears to my eyes because I couldn't watch my daughter break down," the pastor told KDKA. "I still had to be strong, because I had to be strong for her, but I couldn't take it, and just seeing her, that's the part that's hard for me to digest."

Jesus' Dwelling Place Church noted in a statement on Facebook, "We are so thankful and grateful to God for keeping His hands over each and everyone of us there."

"Pastor Glenn is doing fine and he says he is doing great and Blessed to be alive!" said the statement. "He sends his love to everyone and he thanks you all for your prayers and concerns! On behalf of Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church we want to thank you all for continuous prayers and the love that is being extended! We are deeply appreciated and we truly give all the Praise, Glory, and Honor to God!"

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