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Rand Paul nails 'guttersnipe' Jon Stewart and the 'left-wing mob' for lying about 9/11 survivor fund
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Rand Paul nails 'guttersnipe' Jon Stewart and the 'left-wing mob' for lying about 9/11 survivor fund

"Now he is the BS, the BS meter is through the roof..."

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) did not hold back in his scathing response to comedian Jon Stewart and the "left-wing mob" who claimed that he blocked a bill on funding for survivors of the 9/11 terror attack.

"I know Jon Stewart, and Jon Stewart is sometimes funny and sometimes informed, but in this case he's neither funny nor informed," Paul said.

"I've spent my entire senate career putting forward pay-fors for anytime spending is expanding. As soon ago as two weeks ago I put forward a pay-for for the border funding, I put forward a pay-for for the disaster funding. I do this on every new bit of funding," he explained.

"So he's really not informed, and his name-calling just sort of exposes him as a left-winger, part of the left-wing mob that really isn't using his brain and is willing to call people names. It's really kind of disgusting, because see, he pretended for years when he was on his comedy show to be somebody who could see both sides and see through the BS on both sides, well now he is the BS, the BS meter is through the roof," Paul added.

"When you see him calling people names, calling people an abomination, when I'm asking for something very reasonable, that an amendment be included to consider whether we should pay for this, by taking money somewhere else in the budget. It doesn't actually reduce the deficit, it just keeps the deficit from getting bigger. It's a very reasonable thing, I've done it dozens and dozens of times," he continued.

Paul pointed out that he tried to force the tax bill to pay for itself, but it was voted out, which is a false accusation made by many of the left criticizing him.

"The left wing mob doesn't care about the truth," Paul said. "Jon Stewart doesn't care about the truth. It's all about me me me Jon Stewart, look at me, I'm on TV!"

Stewart was lauded by the media for excoriating members of Congress for not showing up to a hearing about extending funding for the program. Some Republicans pushed back on his characterization that they didn't care about the survivors.

Stewart also criticized Paul when he tried to introduce an amendment of the bill in order to take funds from another part of the budget and not increase the deficit.

"No matter how good the cause is, we should offset the spending, it makes no sense to borrow the money from China," Paul explained.

"What is really disgusting is people like Jon Stewart lie to the American public," he added.

Paul went on to say that people were afraid to call out Jon Stewart's lies because they didn't want to face criticism from a "guttersnipe" like the actor.

He said that critics are lying that the bill was blocked, but that he had merely forced lawmakers to debate how to fund the bill, which will easily pass after his amendment is voted down.

Here's the video of Paul's scathing comments:

Rand Paul says Jon Stewart is lying in 9/11 victim fund vote criticismwww.youtube.com

"I think I should be commended, and loudly cheered for being one of the few fiscally responsible people up here," concluded Paul.

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