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Undercover footage shows 'illegal electioneering' for Pennsylvania Democrats at two Philadelphia polling centers

Image source: YouTube Video - Project Veritas Action

It would appear, based on undercover footage captured by Project Veritas, that Democratic operatives were illegally electioneering in Pennsylvania.

It is presently unclear how profound an impact such activities had on the outcome of the tight Senate race between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz, the latter of whom has conceded, facing a three-point delta.

What are the details?

Using hidden cameras, Project Veritas Action journalists filmed alleged electioneering at the Pleasant Playground polling place on 305 Slocum Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania's Election Code expressly bars partisan actors from seeking to influence or persuade voters and soliciting votes in or near polling centers.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, campaign materials, signs, banners, and other partisan literature are similarly prohibited from being inside or within ten feet of a polling place in the state.

Within arm's reach of the door to the building wherein Americans took part in determining the fates of their state and nation, men identifying as "committee person[s]" handed out instructional documents, including a leaflet entitled "Official Democratic City Committee Ballot," detailing precisely how one ought to vote.

The document laid out how to vote uniformly for Democrats, such as John Fetterman, Josh Shapiro, Austin Davis, Art Haywood, and Chris Rabb.

The document, which indicated it could be taken into the voting booth, also instructed readers to "vote yes on all the questions."

The Philadelphia Citizen reported that the questions the electioneers wanted "yes" votes for pertained to two charter amendments: first, whether to create a city Department of Aviation and cabinet-level position to oversee airports; and second, whether preference should be given in civil service examinations to qualified graduates of Career Technical Education programs in the school district of Philadelphia.

One of the so-called committee persons was identified on video as Rudy Stewart.

Stewart can be seen in the video running the undercover journalist down the ballot, apparently trying to persuade the journalist to vote Democrat. He intimated that voting for Democrats is "for the common man ... for poor people."

Stewart also suggested that "we're scared of him," referring to Mehmet Oz. "These guys are scary."

The alleged electioneer accused Oz of being "way, way right."

When the journalist asked, "Don't vote for them?" Stewart answered in the affirmative.

Illegal Electioneering For Democrats Caught on Undercover Video at Philadelphia Polling Locationyoutu.be

At one point, Stewart interrupted his conversation with the journalist to allegedly target other passersby with electioneering materials, saying, "Anyone need Democratic Party information?"

The second individual who was allegedly involved in the Democrat electioneering efforts caught on video identified himself as James Harrison.

Harrison told the journalist, "I just help out whoever the majority of the community supports."

In addition to the two men telling people how to vote outside the polling center, the outer wall of the Pleasant Playground polling center was plastered with Fetterman and Josh Shapiro/Austin Davis campaign posters.

Not an isolated incident

Just over fifteen miles away at the polling place on Snyder Avenue, other Project Veritas undercover journalists caught an election official telling people to "vote Democrat" on Election Day.

Christie Yang explained to a journalist posing as a prospective voter that "if the Democrat win, then at least they represent us."

Yang can be seen on video suggesting that Fetterman was going to "win regardless" and that the journalist should vote "Democrat down ballot."

The Project Veritas journalists showed the video to Christopher Cwienkala, the judge of elections Ward 39-Division 19. Cwienkala lauded the journalists for their integrity and indicated he would "check with the Board of Elections" before discussing the matter further.

The editorial board at the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote in May that Philadelphia had an electioneering program that was undermining the "public's faith in the system."

Pennsylvania Election Official ILLEGALLY Asks Journalist to "Vote Democrat" in Polling Locationyoutu.be

TheBlaze previously reported how last week in Carmel, Indiana, a Democrat poll worker was accused of pressing "straight Democrat ticket" on a voter's electronic ballot and instructing two black voters on how to vote, suggesting that pro-parent candidates were "racist."

Although the poll worker was later allegedly removed from the post, the accused had nevertheless helped cast at least one coerced ballot.

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