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1,000 days of media-Democrat collusion to overturn Trump’s election


No sign of letting up

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One thousand days ago, Donald Trump was sworn in at noon as the 45th president of the United States. Every waking moment since, the mainstream media and Democrats have colluded to overturn the results of a duly conducted election by trying to gin up support for impeachment. No matter how hard they've tried, the American people are still not buying it.

The push to overturn the 2016 election started immediately after the media dried its tears the morning after the election. But it really gained momentum shortly after the inauguration: 999 days ago, Politico ran an op-ed about the ways Congress could "curb" Trump's power. In it, the author outlined a road map for impeachment. The day after the inauguration.

The media's biggest fetish for the first two years of Trump's presidency was, of course, the now debunked theory of Russian collusion. The nightly network newscasts spent 2,284 minutes of coverage on collusion during the first 791 days of Trump's presidency. NewsBusters calculated that to be an average of three minutes every night.

CNN was even worse. During some periods of time, over 90 percent of its programming was dedicated to collusion.

The media has also been willing participants in Democrats' propaganda operations. You'll remember that the media had disgraced porn lawyer Michael Avenatti on 254 times in one year, with CNN leading the way with 121 appearances.

Now that we know there was no collusion, the media have transitioned to Ukraine-gate. On Sept. 24, CNN even had a "helpful" graphic showing how many Democrats purportedly supported an impeachment inquiry. The following day, Politico ran a story claiming that a majority of the House supported an impeachment inquiry.

Fast forward to Tuesday, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said there will be no formal impeachment inquiry vote in the near future. She said this after a meeting with her caucus. As Blaze Media congressional correspondent Nate Madden noted in his morning newsletter, "If Pelosi and company had the votes to authorize an impeachment inquiry on the House floor, it would only make sense that they hold the vote to do so at this point."

They don't have the votes, no matter how the media try to spin this.

For 1,000 days, media elites have woken up each morning, looked in the mirror, and said, "Today's the day we're gonna finally get Trump." For 1,000 days, they've failed to hit that mark. Don't worry, though, there's always tomorrow.

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