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CNN’s Stelter brags about not ‘leading with the biggest story of the moment’ — aka the criminal probe of the Russian collusion hoax beginnings


Ignoring the bombshell

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Late Thursday, the New York Times reported that the Department of Justice has converted U.S. attorney John Durham's inquiry into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation into a criminal probe. It was a neutron bomb detonated smack-dab in the media narrative. For a self-described media critic like CNN's Brian Stelter, it might have been a good time to self-reflect on the media's treatment of the Russian collusion hoax. But alas, good old Stelter decided to ignore it completely.

Stelter opened his nightly newsletter, sent after the Times story was released, by writing, "Instead of leading with the biggest story of the moment, let me recommend three of the best things I've read in the past week."

To his credit, in a 3,800-word newsletter, Stelter did find room to write, "The NYT's Thursday night scoop: 'Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation.'"

That's all he wrote on the topic. Stelter was uncharacteristically quiet in the face of a major news story.

He was doing better than his CNN colleague James Clapper, who looked dejected and defeated in his appearance with Anderson Cooper last night.

The media have been willfully colluding with Democrats to hide the latter's malfeasance and lawlessness in using the levers of government to achieve political ends.

It's going to be an interesting ride.

Bias on full display …

Yes, the Times broke the criminal inquiry story. But its bias was on full display in its marketing of the scoop, choosing to focus on "alarms of political payback" instead of the possibility that there was real criminality in the way President Donald Trump was treated.

The Twitter "blue check" mafia is out in full force parroting the line.

Joseph Robertson of Global Climate tweeted, "It appears Trump's Attorney General is using his office to conduct a campaign of harassment & intimidation of US officials who have gathered evidence about crimes committed by Trump & his associates."

Raw Story tweeted, "Barr's 'criminal investigation' of the Russia probe is the fruit of a long-running far-right plan to kill democracy."

Rep. Sean Patrick Mahoney (D-N.Y.) tweeted video of his appearance on Rachel Maddow, "This DOJ criminal probe is going nowhere. Hundreds of pages of findings by Mueller, dozens of indictments AND the GOP-led Senate Intel Committee report have all established that Russia did this. So where is this probe going? Barr has nothing. Still, need to watch him like a hawk."

They are panicking. This is not going to end well for them.

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